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Best Realtor! Recommend Jimmy Montoya in Rio Rancho

To Whom It May Concern::

We recently moved from the Phoenix, Arizona area to Albuquerque about four months ago. Because we chose Jimmy Montoya as our realtor, we were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to make the transition. Jimmy was a good listener and responsive to our needs. He showed a willingness to go above and beyond to help us find a home quickly and efficiently. Because of his extensive background, he was able to save us money when we offered for a home. When there was a glitch in the process, he was there to try to help smooth things out right away.

When we heard about our transfer, we began interviewing realtors right away.  We interviewed about three realtors before finding Jimmy. The other realtors were nice and professional, but I could tell by the possible homes they sent us in their portals that they either didn’t understand or listen to our needs as carefully as we would want. Jimmy listened to what we wanted and then sent us homes to look at that made a lot more sense.

Our home in Phoenix sold far sooner than we were expecting, so our casual perusal of homes became far more urgent in a short amount of time. Jimmy responded by lining up homes that we were interested in, so when we came out to look around, we were able to narrow down our choices right away. We offered on our present home the first day we were here.

Jimmy’s background in home appraisal came in handy. Our house was over-priced. Jimmy was able to bring that to our attention and negotiate for a better deal – far better than we even dreamed. From then on, he was our new best friend.

While we were getting our loan for the house, we were told that we would need flood insurance at an outrageous price. Again, Jimmy went to bat for us. He found out from a neighbor that they too had a problem with their lender because FEMA had outdated information. According to FEMA’s old map, our neighborhood was in a flood plain. The map did not show the wash that was built in the back of the neighborhood homes that took care of any flood issues. He was able to help us file for a map amendment with FEMA and also find a temporary and cheaper solution for flood insurance so our lender could go through with the loan. We just got our map amendment from FEMA, and now we are getting our loan revised with our lender.

We consider Jimmy a great realtor and a dear friend. We would recommend him with confidence to anyone who is interested.

Bob and Carla Rodzaj

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