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Jimmy was extremely knowledgeable, professional and patient with us all through the processing of selling our home. His insights and advice were invaluable as we went through a significant change in the market during the time from listing to the sale. As out-of-town owners/sellers, his presence and work around our home was very assuring. We would often find him doing yard work when we arrived unannounced, and he was always available to meet us when needed.

We chose Jimmy from a list of realtors in Albuquerque, with no prior references of his work, and could not be more pleased. We have great respect for Jimmy and consider him a good friend.

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Steve and Barb H

Jimmy is, by far, the best real estate agent that I have worked with. He helped my father locate and buy a home six years ago and recently helped me sell a home. In both cases, Jimmy navigated us smoothly through the process with prompt communication, clear explanations, and sound negotiation advice. Jimmy is honest, sincere, and great to work with. I would gladly recommend him to anyone in the Albuquerque area.

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Dennis HAlbuquerque

Sonja has been nothing but an absolute pleasure. From the beginning, she approached our experience with genuine concern which was even more appreciated seeing as how we are first-time home buyers. Not only did she work off the clock to locate appropriate postings, but she also took the time to field our questions and concerns whenever they arose. Her calm and sincere demeanor were also appreciated through this stressful and daunting season of our lives. What an incredible blessing Sonja has been!

Nickelette Shannon

My husband and I moved to Albuquerque recently from another state and used Sonja’s help when looking for a home. This was by far the best home buying experience either of us had encountered! From the welcome package upon hearing of our initial interest, to the little details related to the properties visited, Sonja went above and beyond to serve us. Her genuine heart and warm, relatable personality made us feel so comfortable when facing such a daunting task of relocating across state lines. We also appreciated her perspective as a native ABQ’er and her thoroughness in showing us a representative sample of the whole city. Thanks Sonja for helping us find the perfect home!!! We hope not to be moving again anytime soon, but should that come up, we would definitely use you again!

Connie-Justin Beatty

Jimmy has provided service to me or on my behalf on more than one occasion. He exhibits great attention to detail and demonstrates the highest ethical integrity of anyone I’ve ever worked with in Real Estate. I would not hesitate to highly recommend him to anyone for buying, selling or appraising real estate!

Allen NGreater Albuquerque Real Estate Market

To Whom It May Concern::

We recently moved from the Phoenix, Arizona area to Albuquerque about four months ago. Because we chose Jimmy Montoya as our realtor, we were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to make the transition. Jimmy was a good listener and responsive to our needs. He showed a willingness to go above and beyond to help us find a home quickly and efficiently. Because of his extensive background, he was able to save us money when we offered for a home. When there was a glitch in the process, he was there to try to help smooth things out right away.

When we heard about our transfer, we began interviewing realtors right away.  We interviewed about three realtors before finding Jimmy. The other realtors were nice and professional, but I could tell by the possible homes they sent us in their portals that they either didn’t understand or listen to our needs as carefully as we would want. Jimmy listened to what we wanted and then sent us homes to look at that made a lot more sense.

Our home in Phoenix sold far sooner than we were expecting, so our casual perusal of homes became far more urgent in a short amount of time. Jimmy responded by lining up homes that we were interested in, so when we came out to look around, we were able to narrow down our choices right away. We offered on our present home the first day we were here.

Jimmy’s background in home appraisal came in handy. Our house was over-priced. Jimmy was able to bring that to our attention and negotiate for a better deal – far better than we even dreamed. From then on, he was our new best friend.

While we were getting our loan for the house, we were told that we would need flood insurance at an outrageous price. Again, Jimmy went to bat for us. He found out from a neighbor that they too had a problem with their lender because FEMA had outdated information. According to FEMA’s old map, our neighborhood was in a flood plain. The map did not show the wash that was built in the back of the neighborhood homes that took care of any flood issues. He was able to help us file for a map amendment with FEMA and also find a temporary and cheaper solution for flood insurance so our lender could go through with the loan. We just got our map amendment from FEMA, and now we are getting our loan revised with our lender.

We consider Jimmy a great realtor and a dear friend. We would recommend him with confidence to anyone who is interested.

Bob and Carla Rodzaj

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Bob and Carla RGreater Albuquerque and Rio Rancho Real Estate Market!

Jimmy helped me find the house I was looking for. I was once a real estate agent myself so I was fairly aware of how the process was going to work. What I wasn’t aware of was the aggressive nature of the price range that I was stepping into. Through much work, patience, a lot of humor and an iPad that we had running an active search on, on the day that everything was supposed to align up, the right house popped up in my search as having just. One on the market. We went to see it right away, and put in an offer that same day. Lo and behold, and some stiff competition with the strong advice of Jimmy, my bid won! I am now living in a house that I love, in a quiet neighborhood that I continue to enjoy!

Thanks Jimmy!

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David GAlbuquerque and Rio Rancho Real Estate Market

We were so happy to be referred to Jimmy Montoya by a friend of a friend a few months before our move to Albuquerque. We are a military family and have made a few moves in our military career. We can honestly say that Jimmy is by far the best realtor we have had. He listened carefully to our needs and sent us numerous homes to look at on the internet before we arrived in Albuquerque. Once we did arrive we were on a very tight schedule to look at homes and make a final decision. Jimmy cleared his schedule for us and showed us homes at the times that worked best for us. He only showed us homes in the areas we were really interested in. Although we saw a few more, the second home he showed us is the one we ended up buying. Always looking out for our best interests, he helped us secure a contract for quite a bit less than the asking price.
We truly found the home of our dreams and we are thankful to Jimmy for his help. To us Jimmy is much more than a realtor, he is now our family friend.

Amy and Tim A.Home Buyers

I had the opportunity to meet Jimmy Montoya when I was looking for an office for my Insurance Agency. I was convinced from that very first day that I wanted to be associated with him. He is a man of integrity and character  has continued to demonstrate these qualities on a daily basis. I will refer Jimmy Montoya to my clients, friends and family.

Robert M. S.Business Associate

I have the privilege of knowing Jimmy both professionally and personally.  Without a doubt, he is one of the most honest, trustworthy, hardworking people I know.  He truly cares about his clients, and he’ll invest the time required to ensure all his clients are fully satisfied.  You can count on Jimmy to get the job done, and you can be sure he’ll be a pleasure to work with.

Kelli L.Business AssociateAlbuquerque Real Estate Market

Moving and finding a new home can be a stressful endeavor, taxing your mental and physical well being. On our family’s recent move from California to New Mexico, we were pleased to have Jimmy Montoya and One Accord Realty on our side. Jimmy went above and beyond his call of duty to ensure our move was a success. He availed himself to assist us in all aspects of purchasing a home, from the daily home visits to signing and sealing our contracts. The team at One Accord worked professionally and personally on our behalf. For this we were very grateful.


We love our home and the friendship we garnered from One Accord Realty.

​ The Nixon FamilyHome Buyers

Working with Jimmy Montoya as a realtor was a wonderful experience. This was the purchase of our second home and our second time doing business with Jimmy. He really took the time to help us with our search he went above and beyond helping us look through several home listings and  keeping in contact with us day and night when we needed him. Jimmy took us out several time to look at homes and since one of us works a late shift he would even take us out late at night when he could have been home with his family instead. We never felt any pressure and felt completely comfortable asking any questions we had. Jimmy and his family are wonderful people and made us feel very welcome.

Jimmy has become just like family to us and even still keeps in touch with us. We will continue to work with him in the future and would highly recommend anyone to him.

Dustin & Chrisara M.Home Buyers

Working with Jimmy was a great privilege, being that my wife and I were first time home buyers and we knew little about the process. Jimmy was a tremendous help.  He answered all our questions and made sure that we understood the whole process. I greatly appreciated Jimmy’s knowledge and professionalism after working with him.  My family and I not only consider him to be a exceptional realtor, but also a part of our family. I would definitely recommend Jimmy to anyone I know looking for a home.

Adam BHome Buyer